In 2022 we made a huge investment which allowed us to enhance, expand and renew a large part of our machine fleet, allowing us to speed up production processes, guarantee better safety for operators, create a data exchange network between the various machines and offices and, finally, refine quality standards. All this thanks to state and European incentives, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to facilitate and encourage the introduction of “new production process automation systems” corresponding to the directives enshrined in the “Industry 4.0” standard.

Our sectors


Wide range of products for the ironmongery and industrial sectors. Made with the same production processes as the marine sector, obtaining above-average standards at an affordable price. Furthermore, for professionals in the construction sector, we produce a variety of specific items for work on construction sites, with quality levels that ensure maximum reliability.


Nautical cables and ropes for mooring and anchoring for every type of vessel. Both floating and sinking, sheets and halyards for sailing boats in high resistance pre-stretched polyester. Braids with internal core for longlines or without core for sewing and repairing fishing nets.


We produce different types of articles dedicated to the food sector: from the string for hanging quarters of beef and mature cheeses, to synthetic strings for offal and those in natural fibers for cured meats and sausages. All equipped with the relevant suitability and certificates for food use according to the current legal provisions in force on the matter.


We create resistant products that are long-lasting and reliable. For this reason we offer UV-stabilised synthetic nets and twines for baling and non-regenerated polypropylene cord for tying tarpaulins on greenhouses. If, however, you need compostable and biodegradable products, we have items produced with yarns of vegetable origin.


Although braids, ropes and strings are created for very different uses, the softness and the bright and blended colors of our articles have meant that they have become an increasingly appreciated choice in a world as fine and elegant as that of furniture and fashion. In addition to the classic braids for Venetian blinds and valance rails, we manufacture braids and ropes for indoor and outdoor furnishings, bag handles, necklaces, bracelets, trimmings, area delimitations, etc.


We provide support for all companies that need special solutions in using our products in various technical, wrapping and packaging applications. The polypropylene strap represents a choice of both elegance but also robustness for the box, making it an accessory of particular importance, such as to attribute added value to the package. Furthermore, depending on needs, they are supplied in the required sizes, with plastic terminals or simply cut and welded at the ends.

Salerno historical companies award

On 17 May 2018 we were awarded the “Historical Salerno companies” award by the president of the Regional Council of Campania Vincenzo De Luca for having carried out business activities for over fifty years, contributing to the development of the provincial and regional economic fabric.


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