Our company, founded in 1890 as an artisan business, transformed into an industry in 1964, a change made necessary by the appearance of synthetic fibers on the market and their progressive spread to replace vegetable ones. The machinery, with its notable productivity, allowed us to access new markets and expand our range of products for the most disparate sectors. But this was only the beginning. In fact, at the end of the 90s, the necessary handover from father to son led to a fundamental turning point for our company: the construction of a new factory of 3000 m2 covered and 6000 m2 uncovered and the definitive transfer to the current production site at the end of 2005.

Our policy has always been aimed at optimizing processes and the concept of corporate sustainability, with particular sensitivity to protecting the environment. So much so that, in 2011, we were among the first companies in Campania to build a 66 KW photovoltaic system, capable of providing a partial but significant portion of our total energy needs. The data obtained from the meters record 40,000 kg of CO2 emissions avoided annually and a saving of 80,000 KWh.

The sudden and continuous changes that characterize modern times have made it necessary, from 2019 until today, to replace and upgrade a large part of the machinery fleet with ultra-modern systems compliant with current regulations including 4.0, with a further and consequent notable reduction in risks, noise pollution and burdens on our workers.

Lamberti Cordami Srl, despite being linked to the history and traditions that have characterized it for over 100 years, has always shown a willingness to evolve. In fact, in 2024, as further step in this constant process of renewal, it was deemed appropriate to also revisit its graphic design, with the creation of a new logo, a new website and a new catalog that can also be consulted online.


Our articles, the result of continuous research and updates, characterized by the use of the best raw materials, and the use of new machinery that responds to the most recent technologies, allow us to be significantly present on a market that requires increasingly higher quality levels. high, while maintaining a flexibility that allows us to satisfy the individual needs of our customers. This versatility has allowed us, for years, to operate successfully in such a diversified sector as that of hardware. Furthermore, we also operate in other sectors, no less important, such as: nautical, fishing, construction, curtains, packaging, industrial and food. All in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards, which testify to the continuous quality control to which all our articles are subjected. Currently present on the national market and continuously expanding towards the European one, with its braids, ropes and twines, Lamberti Cordami srl is aimed at both wholesalers and retailers.

Why trust us?

Pre and post-sales assistance
High quality standards
Professionalism and commercial seriousness
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Reliability in deliveries
Centuries-old experience

Why trust us?

The ancient activity of the "Wheel"

Ropes and hemps braiding of the village of Santa Lucia in Cava de’ Tirreni, have armed sailing ships from all over the world. Wherever there is space to stretch rope, in every courtyard, gardens and along the rows of vines, pushed by a woman or a child, the wheel turns to twist the hemp thread that a man will tend. Then from the braiding of various threads the rope is born, which finally a special metal instrument assaults and finishes. The whole country brainds. And also if it’s a humble job, for a thousand years it supports and develops St. Lucia.