Our company, founded in 1890 as an artisan reality, was transformed into an industry in 1964, due to the growing presence of synthetic fibers on market and their progressive spreading in substitution of the vegetable ones. Over the years, the undisputed reliability that has always distinguished us and the ten-year experience gained with our handmade products translated into the most modern production procedures, have made Lamberti Cordami srl a leading company in the sector of cordages and strings.


Our products, outcome of constant researches and updates, together with the use of the best raw materials and the most skilled labor, allow us to be significantly present on a market that requires increasingly high quality levels, always preserving the right flexibility to comply with our customers' specific requests. Currently present on the national market and in continuous expansion towards the European one, with its braids, ropes and strings, Lamberti Cordami srl, operates above all in the nautical and agricultural-industrial sectors (hardware, curtains, building), aiming both towards wholesalers and retailers.

The Wheel

Lamberti Cordami - 
The activity of the Wheel

The ancient activity of the "Wheel"

Ropes and hemps braiding of the village of Santa Lucia in Cava de' Tirreni, have armed sailing ships from all over the world. Wherever there is space to stretch rope, in every courtyard, gardens and along the rows of vines, pushed by a woman or a child, the wheel turns to twist the hemp thread that a man will tend. Then from the braiding of various threads the rope is born, which finally a special metal instrument assaults and finishes. The whole country brainds. And also if it's a humble job, for a thousand years it supports and develops St. Lucia.
  • The "Wheel"

    The "Wheel" trade in S. Lucia near Cava de' Tirreni.
  • Ancient methods

    The processing, done with ancient and traditional tools and methods, begins with the unravel of thicker and multi-stranded strings.
  • Open-air laboratory

    The thinner braids are tensed to poles, along the open-air laboratory. Note how the processing takes place under a grape pergola.
  • The very young

    In this phase also the artisans' young sons contribute, with minimum results to tend the cordage. A didactic form of apprenticeship.
  • Roughing

    Going back and forth along the path, stretched strings are cleaned. The work of roughing is also responsability of men, but even if there is no genre discrimination, the most accurate roughing is done by the work of women.
  • Rewind

    The new strings are rewound.